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Are Chickens Fed Paprika for Orange Egg Yolks?!

The truth behind orange egg yolks If you've ever bought truly pastured eggs, you know the excitement that comes from cracking open an egg to find that perfectly orange, firm yolk. You may also know the disappointment of cracking open an egg with the expectation of...

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How (and why) to Render Lard

Why Render Lard? Knowing how to render lard (or any animal fat) is a skill for which your health, palette, and pocketbook will thank you. In our home, almost every meal centers around animal fat. Vegetables, eggs, grains and meat all get cooked in lard or butter. More...

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Gold Mine Pastured Pork Recipe

We wanted to share one of our family's favorite gold mine pastured pork recipes. What we mean by "gold mine" is recipes using cuts of pork that we consider gold mines; they aren't necessarily the most popular or sought after cuts, but they tend to be the most...

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Easily Incorporate Organ Meats Into Your Diet

We've all heard that organ meats from properly raised animals is one of the highest sources of nutrition, vitamins and minerals...but who really wants to eat liver on a regular basis? Our family has been trying news ways of incorporating these nutrient dense foods...

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Regenerative Farming with Pigs on the Move

We are all about Restorative and Regenerative farming practices here at Restoration Acres Farm. Our animals are raised in ways that mimic the natural patterns found in creation. What you won't find under our care are overgrazed fields, mud lots, concrete dirt lots, or...

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How to Cook a Pasture Raised Turkey

Trying to figure out how to cook a pasture raised turkey you just purchased from your local farmer? Some folks are hesitant to try their hand at cooking a pasture raised turkey because they think it takes a whole new set of skills. Well, we're here to tell you that...

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