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Partner Farms

Building a resilient local food community.

We aspire to build better community and believe food security and access is a crucial ingredient. We partner with other farms who are also implementing ecologically enhancing practices to:

• Make local food easily accessible
• Build resilience in our local food system
• Encourage one another in building economically sustainable farm businesses

Great Day Gardens

Nutrient Rich Vegetables
Wood-Fired Sourdough Breads

Great Day Gardens is a 1 acre intensive market garden in Forest that produces nutrient rich vegetables using no synthetic chemicals and with an emphasis on soil health and no-till practices. Great Day Bakehouse uses traditional artisan techniques and all breads are baked by hand in a wood-fired oven. We use freshly milled flour made with organic and sustainably grown grains from Virginia and North Carolina and all our breads are made with a sourdough process that releases exceptional flavor and nutrition.

Mountain Run Permaculture

Pastured Eggs

Mountain Run Permaculture does much more than raise the tastiest, most nutrient dense eggs in the region. Their chickens are part of a bigger system:

“By integrating the design techniques and protocols from the realms of permaculture design, holistic management, keyline design, and organic agriculture, our work increases the fertility, water holding capacity, drought-resistance, diversity, habitat and productivity of the landscapes we work with.”

Mountain Run Farm

100% Grass Fed Beef

Mountain Run Farm is a unique family farm located in Sedalia, Virginia (northern Bedford County). Raising local, humanely-raised, all natural, premium meats, we serve the surrounding community with a focus on grass-fed beef from start to finish. As we care for and heal the land the animals we raise here become a source of life and vitality to our friends and customers.