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Raised in the city but born for the farm.

We weren’t born farmers.

In June of 2012 our eyes were opened to the horrors of our industrial food and farming system after watching the documentary “Fresh” by Ana Sofia Joanes. Neither of us came from a farming background but we were instantly drawn to the idea of full time regenerative farming. We jumped headfirst into learning all things food and farming. 




In March of 2013 we quit our in-town jobs and headed to the Shenandoah Valley to work on a farm and gain the experience we desperately needed in order to start our own farming venture.

Upon completion of our internship we started our own farm business: Restoration Acres Farm, with the tagline “Food that Restores.” We wanted Restoration to be the heart of our farm and woven throughout all of our farming practices.

We had no house, no land, no equipment, and no family history of farmers. To our names belonged one old car and a small cushion of savings in our bank account. Our biggest asset, however, was our united vision and deep desire to heal the earth while producing high quality, nutritious, REAL food for our family and community. We decided together that nothing would stop us and that with God’s help we would do everything in our power to see our vision become reality.

Fast forward to today: Seven years of farming, 2 children, 5 consecutive farming locations, 3 entire farm moves, and over 13,000 animals raised…and we are more determined now than ever before!

Will you join us as we continue our journey to heal more land, produce more REAL food, and to see a change happen in our food and agriculture system? Sign up for our email list and get weekly updates as we grow and see restoration happen on our earth and in our community!

Matt, Rachel, Jackson & Virginia Palma
Restoration Acres Farm

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